About the Flathead Business Group

The Flathead Business Group mission statement reads as follows:

We are a business networking group whose goal is to provide the utmost in service and performance to our members’ business referrals. With honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction as our cornerstones, we will perform to the best of our abilities on all referrals recommended by any member of the group.

The Flathead Business Group prides itself on attracting area businesses that are leaders in their respective fields. We welcome into our ranks only one business from any particular segment of business.

If you would like to consider membership in our group please contact a member or consult the contact page to determine how you wish to communicate with us. We will invite you to one of our meetings where you may meet the members and get a better idea of what we are about. You may attend two meetings prior to submitting your application for membership. Once you have applied, our membership committee will review your application to determine both the group's suitability for your purposes and whether you are right for the group. You will then be notified of acceptance and welcomed into the Flathead Business Group.

A member will provide you with a copy of the membership application or you may obtain a copy by selecting the following link: Application. You may bring your completed application to one of our meetings, give it to a member, fax it to us or attach it to an email addressed to: membership@flatheadbusinessgroup.net