JBUR-Solutions specializes in removing frustrations incurred from computers and their peripherals. From purchase and set up, through repairs and upgrades, and all the way to disposal, JBUR-Solutions is there for you not just as a reliable company that you can trust, but also as a friend that you can count on.

What truly sets JBUR-Solutions apart from their competitors is their attention to detail and their understanding and consideration of your productivity and profitability. So why do they care about you so much? In short, JBUR-Solutions knows that their success is directly connected with your success.

The following are just a few of JBUR-Solutions' specialties:

  • Data Recovery
  • Backup Solutions
  • Product Research and Comparison
  • Internet and Network Reliability Solutions
  • Virus and Other Malicious-Code Eradication
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs, Upgrades and Custom Builds
  • Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

For more information-
Visit: jbursolutions.com
Or call: (406)756-5765