The Flathead Business Group (FBG) Mentor Program


We have created the FBG Mentor Program to both help local business reach a higher potential and also to better our community. We believe strong businesses that have excellent customer service are not only more successful but they also make our local community friendlier and more thriving.

Being in business ourselves, all of the Flathead Business Group members have made mistakes along the way, missed opportunities and have been blind to what would have been the best solution at least some point in our lives. We have all said to ourselves, “If only someone had told me that before.” Well now is your chance; the Flathead Business group wants to be the voice that tells you all the things you need to know to make your business soar.

If you own a business in the Flathead Valley and you want to strengthen your business by improving your current business practices under the tutelage of professionals, please fill out an application by the deadline of February 15 and send it in for consideration. Right Click this link and "Save As" for a Fillable PDF Application